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  3. Mittwoch, 06. März 2019
Gute Nachrichten:
"There is good news for owners of GA aircraft on the EASA register that have a transponder, which is capable of ADS-B (extended squitter) but have not had a suitable GNSS position source.
Within the next month, EASA will be releasing an update to CS-STAN Standard Changes and Standard Repairs.If everything goes well, the update should include CS-SC005a, which will authorise aircraft maintenance engineers to connect GNSS position sources to an ADS-B capable transponder to enable ADS-B OUT.
Three configurations will be permissible under this standard change:Configuration 1
certified transponder + certified GNSS
conforms to AMC 20-24 but with (E)TSO-C166b unit for ADS-B OUT
reports SIL = 3 and SDA = 2
Configuration 2
certified transponder + ADS-B OUT + TABS GNSS[1]reports SIL = 1 and SDA = 1
Configuration 3
certified transponder + ADS-B OUT + uncertified GNSS
reports SIL = 0 and SDA = 0 (for airborne traffic awareness only)
This SC is not suitable for the release to service of the aircraft by the Pilot-owner, it must be performed by a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer.However, the engineer does not have to apply for a Minor modification, which significantly reduces costs and saves time.
Please note that the CS-STAN address the airworthiness aspect (installation on the aircraft). The operation of this devices might be subject to limitations imposed by the Competent Authorities.
[1] See (E)TSO-C199 A1.2.6 for GNSS position source function requirements (for TABS class B devices)


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