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Gute Nachrichten: "There is good news for owners of GA aircraft on the EASA register that have a transponder, which is capable of ADS-B (extended squitter) but have not had a suitable GNSS position source. Within the next month, EASA will be releasing an update to CS-STAN Standard Changes and Standard Repairs.If everything goes well, the update should include CS-SC005a, which will authorise aircraft maintenance engineers to connect GNSS position sources to an ADS-B capable transponder to ...
'WE ARE ANNOUNCING THE LIVE STREAMING OF DATA FROM OUR FIRST SPACE BASED ADS-B SATELLITE!' FIRST SPACE BASED ADS-B SATELLITE For over 2 decades AirNav Systems has been committed to creating the industry’s most reliable and extensive ADS-B network on the ground. Our excellent worldwide coverage stands testament to this. But we’re always looking to push limits and improve. And that’s why we’re going beyond the stratosphere – into space. ADS-B Reception Satellite in Space Tr...
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